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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2012-13 Residence Hall Handbook

Residence Hall Living Statement

Colorado Mountain College believes that living in a residence hall on campus can be a special opportunity — one in which students experience the open exchange of ideas and social growth. Living on campus facilitates integration into the campus social network of peers, faculty and staff, and extracurricular activities. This integration has significant positive influence on academic achievement and degree completion for the residential student.

The College’s commitment to residential living provides a positive influence on the students’ experience of exploring aesthetic, cultural, and intellectual attitudes and values while residing in a structured living environment. The experience of living in a residence hall plays a vital role in one’s collegiate adventure.


Welcome to COLORADO MOUNTAIN COLLEGE CAMPUS LIVING! Campus living is an environment of opportunities — chances to develop meaningful friendships, to find study partners enduring the same challenges, and to understand and accept others with differing value systems and roles.

For the campus living experience to function effectively, all residents are expected to exercise self-discipline and accept personal responsibility. The RESIDENCE LIFE HANDBOOK is provided so that you, as residents, may be aware of the rules and regulations which govern the residence halls. As a resident, you are obligated, by the signing of your Housing and Food Service Agreement, to abide by all policies and regulations set forth in the handbook.

Living on campus at Colorado Mountain College - Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs or Leadville campuses - is rewarding and a lot of fun when an attitude and atmosphere of friendship, togetherness, and mutual respect and consideration for one another is generated and maintained. Please make a concerted effort to be pleasant and considerate-a good neighbor if you will. In doing so, your stay here will be greatly enhanced.

During the year, you will come into contact with a wide variety of other students, many of whom will have different life-styles, social and moral values, and cultural backgrounds. Your residence hall living experience will provide a great opportunity for the exchange of differing ideas, experiences, hobbies and attitudes.

Hopefully these contacts will broaden your understanding and acceptance of others. All are here for the common purpose of receiving an education and enjoying the special rewards of living in the Colorado Rockies.