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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Hall Operations and Services

Goals of the Residential System

  • To provide you, the student, with an environment and services which are conducive to the pursuit of academic success and personal growth.
  • To provide comfortable housing to students on-campus to the extent that on-campus space is available.
  • To provide you with full responsibility for your lifestyle and living accommodations to the extent that no infringement upon the rights and well-being of others in the campus community becomes evident, to the extent that college personnel and property are not jeopardized, and to the extent that the Student Code of Conduct is not violated.

First Year Experience

CMC is committed to your academic and social success. One way we assist you is encouraging participation in a freshman year experience course and opportunities in involvement. The F.Y.E. course benefits the new CMC student by covering academic issues and critical topics such as self-responsibility, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life coordinates all aspects of on-campus living at each of the Colorado Mountain College residential campuses. Under the direction of the Coordinator of Student Life and the Assistant Coordinator of Student Life, the Residence Life Staff strives to enhance your educational experience by providing a progressive and caring atmosphere. The Office of Residence Life seeks student input and is committed to providing you with the best experience possible. If you have a particular concern or problem regarding the residence hall, you are encouraged to stop by the office of either the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator to share your concerns.

Residence Life Staff

The Residence Life team consists of the Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, Residence Life Assistant, Resident Assistants, and other Resident Hall Staff.

The Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the student life program. This includes food service, residence life, student activities and summer conferencing. He/she is a full-time professional staff member and is responsible for implementing the residence life disciplinary process. This person, with assistance from the rest of the Residence Life staff, strives to enhance the educational experience of all students.

The Assistant Coordinator is a full-time professional staff member who lives on campus and is trained to handle the many responsibilities which focus on promoting a community environment conducive to students living and learning in the residence hall.

One primary focus is on addressing student needs. This is accomplished through supervising and training the student staff, working with the custodial staff, and coordinating special services.

The Resident Assistants (RAs) are the staff members with whom you will have the most contact. They are selected, trained student staff members who live on campus and serve as peer counselors and advisors for residents. They facilitate a community environment by planning activities and programs, and assisting with concerns. Each RA is responsible for a floor of approximately 30-40 residents. The RAs are hired on their willingness to support and serve students in addition to their sound judgment, experience, student rapport, and campus involvement. We encourage you to become acquainted with these staff members since they can offer you the benefit of their student experience.

The Residence Life Assistant is a part-time professional staff member, on campus, providing another contact for students and support for RAs. This position assumes all the responsibilities of the Assistant Coordinator in his/her absence.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

GET INVOLVED! As a resident, take advantage of the variety of opportunities for growth, interaction, and fun. The residence hall offers numerous leadership opportunities through different community organizations. Your participation will help determine the quality of life in the residence hall.

Residents select representatives to provide a student governing body for the residence hall. Officers are elected and advisors are provided to guide this group’s efforts. This group is often active in regional and national associations of residence halls, IACURH (Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls) and NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) respectively. RHA is responsible for planning activities, addressing residence hall community concerns, and making decisions or recommendations regarding the residence hall environment. RHA provides a valuable opportunity to meet people, get involved, and develop leadership skills. As a member of the residence hall community, each resident is encouraged to attend these open meetings.

Residence Hall Activities

There is no better way to make new friends or get to know old ones, than through fun activities and events. There are a variety of activities and programs scheduled throughout the year. These events help meet your social, educational, recreational, and cultural needs. The Residence Life staff is always looking for fun new ideas and concepts for programming so get involved and share your thoughts!

Front Desk Operations

Each campus’ residence hall has a front desk staffed by members of the Office of Residence Life. Hours of operation and services provided differ by campus.


All College residence hall rooms are supplied with local phone service hook up for students to use throughout the year. Numbers are assigned to each residence hall room and will not be transferred from room to room should the resident move during the semester. Long distance calls will be made at your expense, and the college will not be responsible for collect or third party calls. Residents are required to set up a phone in their room or provide a cell phone number to student life.

Mail and Packages

Mail is delivered to student mailboxes. Notices will be placed in your mailbox giving instructions for picking up any oversize packages. Mail should be addressed to you as follows:

Glenwood Springs:

Your Name
2600 County Rd. 114
Campus Box # S_ _ _
Glenwood Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs:

Your Name
1400 Bob Adams Dr.
Campus Box # A_ _ _
Steamboat Springs, CO


Your Name
901 S. Highway 24
Campus Box # T_ _ _
Leadville, CO 80461

Box numbers are not your room numbers. Residents having difficulty receiving mail should notify a Residence Life staff member. Students are expected to check mail daily. The college will send mail to their box and students are expected to respond in a timely manner.


Residents are welcome to bring their car, truck, or other mode of transportation to campus. There is parking at no charge. Colorado law requires that vehicles carry liability insurance. We recommend you carry additional coverage if operating a vehicle on campus. All vehicles must be registered with Student Services. Parking regulations vary by campus. Please contact a Residence Life staff member for further clarification. The following guidelines apply to ALL campuses. Snow removal from parking lots necessitates strict enforcement of parking regulations. In order to keep vehicles from being towed at the owner’s expense, please observe the following:

  1. Register your vehicle.
  2. Park in designated areas; obey all signs and traffic laws.
  3. Do not park in front of dumpsters.
  4. Do not park in front of fire hydrants, in the fire lane in front or at the sides of the building, or in spaces reserved for the disabled.
  5. Drive on established roadways. (Sidewalks, grass, trails, etc. are prohibited.)
  6. Snowmobiles and unlicensed motorcycles are not permitted on campus. Licensed motorcycles must be stored outdoors in designated areas.
  7. The College is not responsible for any damage to or theft of your vehicle or the items within while on College premises.
  8. CMC prohibits automobile repairs, including oil changes, on campus. Disabled cars should be reported to the Physical Plant. Abandoned cars will be towed at the owners expense.
  9. Overnight parking from November 1 through May 1 is restricted to limited areas of the parking lots for snow removal. Leaving a vehicle overnight in a non-designated area will result in that vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
  10. Do not tow students behind a vehicle, in any manner.

Vending/Laundry Machines

Vending machines for soda, candy, chips, etc., are located in the residence hall. These machines are available for your convenience. Please do not abuse them. You are encouraged to report losses/problems to a Residence Life staff member.

Laundry rooms are located in each living area of the residence hall. The machines are coin operated and are for the use of residents only. Be sure to check with your campus for exact costs.

Dining Services

Guidelines and Regulations

  1. Menus will be posted on campus, or online. At times, there may be a need for menu substitution. However, great effort will be made to follow the posted menus.
  2. All campuses offer meal plan options, which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch & dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Check with your campus for meal times and other information. Adjustments to your meal plan option can be made through the Coordinator of Student Life until the end of the first week of classes each semester (Spring Valley only).
  3. All meals will offer at least two entrees . “Seconds” are offered on the majority of these entrees . There will be times, however, when a particular entree will not be available for seconds . In that case, you may choose the alternate entree as a second .
  4. If you need a particular diet format or have been advised by a medical professional to follow a particular caloric format, please let a representative of your Food Service Provider know . All attempts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests .
  5. Students must provide a valid meal identification/card to Food Service Provider prior to utilizing food services .
  6. The meal identification/card is property of Colorado Mountain College and must be relinquished upon request . Lost card should be reported immediately to the Student Life Office . Lending the card to anyone or failure to present it when requested by authorized personnel may subject holder to disciplinary action and can be considered theft .
  7. Do not take food, dishes, or silverware from the cafeteria . Misplaced dishes and silverware are expensive to replace . Food Service is not responsible for food quality if it leaves the premises .
  8. Please let a representative of Food Service know how they can meet your needs . They want your comments and constructive criticism as well as positive feedback .
  9. PLEASE do not waste food .