Jun 08, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Catalog Addendum

March 1, 2021:

There were errors in the Ecosystem Science & Management Emphasis required credit totals; they have been corrected.

March 8, 2021:

Student complaint information was added to the accreditation information on the home page.

March 15, 2021:

Course ASI-217 was split into two parts (ASI 216  and ASI 218 )
Course ASI-221 was split into two parts (ASI 220  and ASI 222 )

The Action Sports Industry (AAS)  and Action Sports Media Certificate  programs were updated to include the new course codes to reflect the course splits

March 16, 2021:

REE-104 was incorrectly listed as REE-202. This has been corrected.

April 2, 2021:

The AAS Professional Photography  program requirements were listed incorrectly. Removed PHO-106 and the advised electives; added PHO-237 and PHO-269 in their place. The correct total required credits is now 63.

Due to the programmatic changes, the requisites for the following courses were also revised:

PHO 122 - Removed PHO 143 as a pre-requisite
PHO 162 - Added PHO 121 as a pre-requisite
PHO 237- Added PHO 162 as a pre-requisite
PHO 252 - Added PHO 122 and PHO 162 as pre-requisites
PHO 268 - Removed PHO 234 as pre-requisite and added PHO 237

May 10, 2021:

The state education discipline changed the Early Childhood Education Group Leader Certificate title to Early Childhood Education Teacher and added another required course, bringing the credits required up to 18. CMC’s certificate was revised to align with these changes.

May 21, 2021:

The Outdoor Recreation Management (ORM) Minor was added as an option to the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, along with the new associated ORM courses.

July 9, 2021:

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) designated COM 125  and COM 217  as Guaranteed Transfer courses in the GT-SS3 category. Their status has been updated in this catalog.

August 12, 2021:

The total contact hours for the Pharmacy Technician COP has been corrected to match the total for all the courses required.

August 24, 2021:

Removed the language stating that the following certificates are not eligible for financial aid:
Education: Elementary Education Alternative Certification 
Education: Secondary Education Alternative Certification  

October 13, 2021:

The Pharmacy Technician COP is now eligible for financial aid, a financial aid statement was added to the program page.

October 22, 2021:

The following course instructional methods were corrected to align with institutional definitions, none of the contact hours changed as a result:

  • EMS 170 EMT Clinical: Change the instructional method to LAB
  • EMS 280 Paramedic Internship I: Changed the instructional method from CLIN to COOP
  • EMS 281 Paramedic Internship II: Changed the instructional method from CLIN to COOP
  • MAP 183 Medical Assistant Internship: Changed the instructional method from CLIN to COOP
  • PHT 170 Clinical: Changed the instructional method from CLIN to COOP
  • PHT 171 Clinical: Changed the instructional method from CLIN to COOP

November 12, 2021:

Error correction: The course description for ASI 112  was out-dated and has been corrected.

December 3, 2021:

The state-mandated requirements for the Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) and Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) certificates has changed and our catalog was updated to reflect those changes:

CSL 257 Professional Ethics II was moved from the CAT to the CAS
CSL 175 Supervised Internship was removed from the CAT, those hours are now combined with the CAS Internship
CSL 178 Seminar/Workshop was removed from the CAS, those hours are now combined with the CAS Internship

December 8, 2121:

Updated the Summer 2022 registration date to begin April 4, 2022.