Apr 17, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

GED/HSE, ESL, CCR, & Developmental Math

Build your skills in transitional education programs.

The School of Transitional Education is designed to help you achieve the most from your college education and succeed in college-level courses. Students who place below college level may enroll in college level courses, paired with a support course or into a transitional education level course.  Speaking with your College Counselor/Advisor can help determine which courses are the best fit for success. 

Here are some resources that can assist you:

Placement Assessment: At the beginning of your first semester, we will recommend classes that best meet your needs.  If you do not have SAT or ACT scores, we offer Accuplacer assessments in English, reading, and mathematics, to help determine which courses will be the best fit. 

Math Options: Supplemental math classes are provided to help you succeed in your college-level math classes. Supplemental courses are taken concurrently with your required math course to provide support and additional instruction to help students master the material.  Additionally, developmental math classes are offered to help prepare you for a college major.  The development math classes will help you build the knowledge and skills needed to successfully achieve your academic and career goals.  

College Composition and Reading (CCR) Options: The College Composition and Reading supplemental courses may be taken concurrently with courses that require a student to be at college level for reading and writing.  Based on the Accuplacer score, you may be placed in a CCR class that can be taken concurrently with a college-level course such as Communications, Science, Social Science, Arts and Humanities, or Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Additionally, based on the Accuplacer score, you may be placed in a CCR class that can be taken concurrently with an ENG 121 course. The CCR classes prepare students to succeed in college-level courses. 

Learning Labs: The learning labs are a great resource to support you in being successful at CMC. Learning labs offer help in mathematics, reading, writing class assignments, High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation, studying to take the Accuplacer, and college-level courses. Work at your own pace and level in small groups or one-on-one with tutors or instructors in the areas you need assistance.

English as a Second Language (ESL): Instruction for English Language Learners is designed for limited and non-English proficient students. Classroom instruction focuses on developing a student’s life and work skills. Students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in leveled classrooms from beginning through advanced. All students must be pre-tested upon enrollment to determine their appropriate instructional level.

High School Equivalency (HSE):

High School Equivalency tests (GED), Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), and HiSET preparation classes and re-testing are available at CMC.  HSE preparation classes are provided at many of our campuses. The GED test has four subjects (Mathematics, Social Science, Social Studies, and reasoning through Language Arts).  The GED test is only offered through online testing.

The HiSET test has five subjects (Language Arts - Reading, Language Arts - Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies).  The HiSET test is offered through both online and paper testing.

The TASC test has five subjects (Reading/Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies).  The HiSET test is offered through both online and paper testing.

After successfully completing the HSE test, the student will receive a Colorado High School Equivalency Certificate from the State of Colorado Department of Education. Some campuses offer the HSE test in Spanish. 

GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready+ Credit

In January 2016, the GED Testing Service announced GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready+ Credit performance levels. These two new levels signify college readiness and academic credit equivalencies respectively. 

What are the Performance Levels on the GED® Test?

The GED® test has a range of 100 -­ 200 Scaled Score points and is subdivided into four performance levels:

Performance Level 1: Below Pass (Scaled Scores 100 -­ 144)

Performance Level 2: Pass/High School Equivalency (Scaled Scores 145 -­ 164)

Performance Level 3: GED® College Ready (Scaled Scores 165 -­ 174)

Performance Level 4: GED® College Ready + Credit (Scaled Scores 175 -­ 200)

What do Scores at the GED® College Ready Level mean?

Students who score 165 -­ 174 (on any given subject test) have demonstrated college readiness skills.  When students enroll in postsecondary education, scores at this level may enable students to qualify for (1) waiver from developmental education requirements and courses, and/or (2) waiver from placement testing.

What do Scores at the GED® College Ready + Credit Level mean?

Students who score 175 -­ 200 (on any given subject test) have demonstrated skills that could qualify them for the benefits at the GED® College Ready level plus enable them to earn a recommendation to receive college credits when they enroll in a participating postsecondary institution.

Tutoring: Tutoring is available for students who need additional help to succeed in a course. At times, a student requires assistance beyond that which a faculty member can reasonably be expected to provide outside of the classroom. In these situations, the student can request a tutor, or faculty may refer a student to the Learning Labs or to a College Counselor/Advisor if a specific subject tutor needs to be provided. Some sites maintain a list of tutors that will be provided to students upon request. There are various requirements that a student needs to meet to qualify for individual/small group tutoring. There is also free online tutoring services.

Link to Success Classes are offered at the Rifle campus. These classes are designed to offer individualized support toward enhanced career and life skills for parents who qualify for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits through the Garfield County Department of Human Services. For information about eligibility for TANF, please visit Colorado PEAK or your local County Human Services office.

Family Fridays is a 2 Gen (whole-family) bilingual program at the Rifle campus supporting a robust literacy and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum to preschool and school age children.  It also offers adult basic education (GED, high school equivalency, and English as a Second Language) courses as well as career pathways and family wellness modules for parents.