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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Ski and Snowboard Business: Professional Guide Certificate

Picture of a student earning their Professional Ski and Snowboard Guide Certificate at CMC.This certificate provides the student an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to find employment as a ski/snowboard guide in a snow-cat guided skiing operation, heli-skiing operation, or other back-country and hut-to-hut ski/snowboarding operation.

The program includes courses that will improve your technical knowledge of back country skiing or snowboarding. It emphasizes the interaction with clients and the natural environment and exposes students to the aspects of running a small business.

The curriculum includes a blend of Ski and Snowboard Business classes and Outdoor Education courses. Credits earned during the completion of the certificate can be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Ski and Snowboard Business .

Graduates of the program will receive a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in Professional Ski and Snowboard Guide.

The Professional Ski and Snowboard Guide certificate is offered at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs.  Please see your advisor for a recommended sequence of courses.

CMC also offers certificates in Ski and Snowboard Shop Technician , Ski and Snowboard Marketing Media Manager , and Ski and Snowboard Business 

This certificate program is not eligible for federal student aid funds.

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Minimum Hours Required

Minimum Credit Hours Required (16)
Minimum Contact Hours Required (279)


◆ State Guaranteed Transfer Course

✽ Applies to CMC AA/AS/AGS Degrees

Not all programs/courses are available at every campus and may require travel to another campus or access via distance learning (IVS, hybrid, or online).

For more information see Degree & Certificate Descriptions & Requirements .