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    Colorado Mountain College
  Jul 22, 2017
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2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics Video

Associate of Science: Physics

Picture of students working on their Physics Emphasis (AS) degree at CMC.This program combines general education requirements with a strong emphasis on math and science required for transfer into a physics program at a 4-year institution.

Physics is the foundation of all other basic sciences and technology because it is concerned with the most fundamental aspects of matter and energy, as well as the laws that govern their interactions. Much of the technological equipment and techniques used by other scientists were originally developed by physicists, such as x-rays, lasers, and MRIs. From saving lives, to saving our environment, to promoting knowledge in other areas of sciences, physicists are key players in our future. It will be you, the physics students of today and tomorrow, who will make contributions to improving the quality of lives in many areas. Job prospects for physics majors are excellent as the skills and experiences a student gains will be transferable to many other possible careers including engineering, medicine, education, biophysics, management and many other related fields.

Transferability depends on the four-year institution. If you are planning to major in physics at a four-year college or university, you will find MAT 201 - Calculus I  is the (lowest level) mathematics course in which the credits earned will count toward a BA or BS degree. If you are a student just entering and are not prepared to take MAT 201 , you will need to take the prerequisite course(s). All courses will count toward the AS degree. Additional courses may be transferable to one or more of the public four-year colleges or universities in Colorado. For specific information, please see your advisor.

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See the section on Scholarships and Awards  for scholarship opportunities related to this program. For a list of CMC campuses offering this program, please see the Where Our Programs are Offered  table. Not every course is offered on every campus.

State Guaranteed General Education Requirements

(31 credits minimum across 5 content areas, plus 3 credits of COM required)

Communication (GT-CO1-3)

3 courses.  6 credits ENG: select either  ENG 121 and ENG 122, or ENG 122 and ENG 201.  Plus 3 credits COM: select either COM 115 or COM 125.

Mathematics (GT-MA1)

4 courses (17-19 credits)

Arts & Humanities (GT-AH1-4)

2 courses (6 credit hours)

Social & Behavioral Sciences

2 courses (6 credit hours). Select 2 courses, 1 of which must be history.

Human Behavior, Culture, & Social Frameworks (GT-SS3)

Physics Program Requirements (GT-SC1)

Complete the following. Credits over 8 will be applied to the electives category.

Wellness Requirements Transfer Level (✽)

2 credits.

Colorado Mountain College Requirements

Colorado Mountain College requires its graduates to be proficient in computer use. To graduate, a student must demonstrate proficiency via an examination administered by the college or take CIS 118 . If you take the course, it will be applied to the elective credit.


You must complete an additional 10 credits in any of the Science or Mathematics disciplines (AST, BIO, CHE, ENV, GEY, MAT, MET, NRE 251  & NRE 252 , PHY) numbered 100-299 guaranteed transfer marked with a diamond (◆) or general transfer marked with an asterisk (✽) in the course description section.  CIS 118  may be used, if required.

Total Elective Credits (min 10)

Total Credits Earned

State Guaranteed General Education Requirements (min. 45)
COM 115  or COM 125  (3 credits)
Wellness Requirement (min. 2)
Electives (min. 10)
Total credits toward Associate of Science degree (min. 60)


◆ State Guaranteed Transfer Course

✽ Applies to CMC AA/AS/AGS Degrees

For more information see Degree & Certificate Descriptions & Requirements .