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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Outdoor Education (AA)

The AA Outdoor Education program provides relevant learning experiences and professional-level training to our students. The goal is to prepare students to enter the outdoor and adventure education job markets or to transfer to four-year institutions. The AA Outdoor Emphasis program at CMC consists of 28 credits of Colorado State Guaranteed General Education Transfer Curriculum and is designed to transfer to four-year schools in Colorado. The program strives to be a positive steward of the natural environment and sustainable practices are taught throughout the curriculum. The faculty provide both experience-based and theory-based learning opportunities through the coursework, with an emphasis on student goals, industry-standard practices, and fun.

See the section on Scholarships and Awards  for scholarship opportunities related to this program. This program is offered at the following CMC locations: Breckenridge, Dillon, Leadville, Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs, and Steamboat Springs. Not every course is offered at every campus, some campuses may require travel between sites to complete the degree. For more information, please see Academic Programs at Colorado Mountain College.

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General Education Requirements (28 credits)

Select a content area to view the course options when specific courses are not listed


Select 1 course (3-5 credits) from content area GT-MA1: Mathematics  

Credits over 3 will be applied to electives

Arts & Humanities

Select 2 courses (6 credits) from content areas:

GT-AH1: Arts and Expression  
GT-AH2: Literature and Humanities  
GT-AH3: Ways of Thinking  
GT-AH4: World Languages  


Select 1 course (3 credits) from content area GT-HI1: History  

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Select 1 course (3 credit) from content areas:

GT-SS1: Economic or Political Systems  
GT-SS2: Geography  
GT-SS3: Human Behavior, Culture, and Social Frameworks  

Natural & Physical Sciences

Select 2 courses (7 credits) from content areas:

GT-SC1: Science Courses with Required Laboratory  
GT-SC2: Science Courses without Required Laboratory  

Credits over 7 will be applied to the electives category

Program Requirements (15 credits)

Outdoor Education Leadership Requirements

Complete 9 credits from the following:

Outdoor Education Orientation Requirements

Select 3 courses (6 credits) from the following:

Colorado Mountain College Requirements (8 credits)

Colorado Mountain College has the following requirements:

Communication Requirement (3 credits)

Select 1 course (3 credits) from the following:

Wellness Requirement (2 credits)

Choose at least 2 credits from the following:

Cultural Competency Requirement (3 credits)

Select 1 course (3 credits) from the Outdoor Ed Cultural Competency Course List  

Electives (9 credits)

  •     Advised Electives  9.0 credits
        Any 100-299 Guaranteed Transfer (◆) or General Transfer (✽) courses


Total Credits Earned

General Education Requirements (28 credits)
Program Requirements (15 credits)
Colorado Mountain College Requirements (8 credits)
Electives (9 credits)
Total credits toward Associate of Arts-Outdoor Education Emphasis degree (minimum 60 credits)

This program operates on public lands and rivers with special permits from the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Service, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


State Guaranteed Transfer Course

Applies to CMC AA/AS/AGS Degrees

Not all programs/courses are available at every campus and may require travel to another campus or access via technology-enabled learning (video-conferencing, hybrid, or online).