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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]




This directory is published annually with the college catalog. For the most current and comprehensive listing of CMC faculty and staff, please visit directory.coloradomtn.edu.

CMC Full-Time Faculty

Johann Aberger, M.A., International Relations, Prescott College; B.S., Kinesiology, University of New Hampshire; Associate Professor, Outdoor Education; Spring Valley

Sharon Aguiar, M.A., University of Colorado; B.A., University of California; Professor, English as a Second Language (ESL); Dillon

Erin Allaman, Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Colorado; B.A., Anthropology, Amherst College; Associate Professor, Teacher Education; Leadville & Edwards

Jen Barchers, Ph.D., Saybrook University; M.A., University of Denver; B.A., Western State Colorado University; Associate Professor, Humanities; Breckenridge

Erin Beaver, M.A., University of South Dakota; B.A., University of Dayton; Professor, English; Spring Valley and Online Learning

Cynthia Bell, Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning, The George Washington University; M.A., Corporate Communications, City University of New York; B.A., Business/Government, Skidmore College; Associate Professor, Business; Edwards

Jill Boyle, M.S.N, B.S.N., Nursing, University of Colorado; Associate Professor, Nursing; Breckenridge

Kristina Brooks-Olk, M.B.A., Regis University; B.S., Colorado Technical University; Associate Professor, Accounting, Steamboat Springs

Darren Brungardt, M.A., B.S., University of Northern Colorado; M.S., Adams State University; Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Leadville

Thomas Buesch, Ph.D., M.A., Northwestern University; B.S., Ripon College; Professor, Communications and Humanities; Aspen

Letecia Burbano De Lara, Ph.D., New Mexico State University; M.A., Texas Tech University; Associate Professor, Teacher Education; Glenwood Springs and Edwards

Jonathan Burk, B.A., Hampden-Sydney College; Assistant Professor, Fire Science/ EMS; Leadville

Kimberly Carmitchel, M.A., University of Northern Colorado; B.A., Fort Lewis College; Associate Professor, Psychology; Edwards

Robert Cartelli, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University; M.S., Marlboro College; B.S., Saint Michael’s College; Associate Professor, Business; Breckenridge

Katherine Cesark, M.F.A., Massachusetts College of Arts and Design; B.A., Plymouth State College; Associate Professor, Art; Aspen

David Chimovitz, M.A., B.S., University of Maine; Associate Professor, Humanities/Speech; Spring Valley

Kevin Clarke, J.D., B.S., University of Colorado; A.A.S., Colorado Mountain College; Professor, Culinary Arts; Dillon

Kent Clement, Ph.D., Colorado State University; M.A., Western Illinois University; B.S., California State University; Professor, Outdoor Education and Leadership; Leadville

Roger Coit, B.S., Colorado State University; Assistant Professor, EMS and Outdoor Studies; Leadville

Amy Connerton, Ed.D., University of Denver; M.Ed., Northern Arizona University; B.A., Colorado Mesa University; A.A.S., Colorado Mountain College; Associate Professor, Medical Assistant, Edwards

Stephen Craig, M.S., B.S., University of Colorado; Professor, Mathematics; Steamboat Springs

Linda Crockett, Ph.D., Grand Canyon University; M.S., University of Colorado; B.S., Fort Lewis College; Associate Professor, Psychology, Aspen/ Rifle

Jeremy Deem, M.A., Colorado State University; B.A., Ohio University; Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies; Breckenridge

Marion Dragonette, M.S., B.A., University of Colorado; Professor, Mathematics; Spring Valley

Rebecca Edmiston, M.S., University of Colorado-Boulder; Professor, Biology; Steamboat Springs 

Richard Englebert, M.S., B.S.N., Regis University; Assistant Professor, Nursing, Spring Valley

Whitney Erickson, D.N. P., Walden University, M.S.N, B.S.N., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Associate Professor, Nursing, Spring Valley

Judy Evans, M.S., Walden University; Professor, Nursing; Spring Valley

Tina Evans, Ph.D., Prescott College; M.L.S., University of Arizona; M.A., Tulane University; B.A., University of Arizona; Professor, Sustainability Studies; Steamboat Springs

Joseph Gamble, M.F.A., Savannah College of Art & Design; B.A., Trinity College; Associate Professor, Professional Photography; Spring Valley

Jessica Gantt-Shafer, Ph.D., Texas A&M University; M.A., Colorado State University; Associate Professor, Communication, Steamboat Springs

Margaret Gilmon, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., University of Northern Colorado; Professor, Nursing; Breckenridge

Jessica Guarnero, B.A., Florida State University; A.A.S., le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts; Associate Professor, Restaurant & Culinary Management; Steamboat Springs

Leslie Gumbrecht, M.A., B.A., University of Colorado; Professor, Developmental Education; Steamboat Springs

Robert Gumbrecht, M.A., B.A., University of Colorado; Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Steamboat Springs

Jason Gusaas, A.A., Gogebic Community College; Assistant Professor, Ski Area Operations; Leadville

Kim Harding, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine; M.S., Ball State University; Professor, Science; Spring Valley



Tal Hardman, M.A., B.A., Illinois State University; Professor, English; Spring Valley

Monia Haselhorst,  Ph.D., University of Wyoming; M.S., Uppsala University; Associate Professor, Natural Resource Management, Leadville

David Hickel, M.P.A., Eastern Kentucky University; B.A., Auburn University; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine and Paramedics; Aspen

Kevin Hillmer-Pegram, Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks; M.S., Pennsylvania State University; B.A., Arizona State University; Associate Professor, Sustainability Studies, Spring Valley

Jeremy Hockley, B.A., University of Kentucky; Assistant Professor, EMS Program; Steamboat Springs

Morgan Huffnus, B.AS., Arizona State University; Assistant Professor, EMS Programs, Edwards

Terry Hunter, B.S., University of Central Arkansas; Professor, Resort Management; Steamboat Springs

Barbara Jackman, M.S., B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Professor, Early Childhood Education; Dillon

Benedicte Jeanson, M.A., B.A., Florida Atlantic University; Professor, Mathematics; Breckenridge

Derek Johnston, B.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology; Professor, Photography; Spring Valley

James Jones, A.A.S., Colorado Mountain College; Assistant Professor, Automotive Service Technology; Edwards

Jean Kaya, M.A., Southern Illinois University; M.A., Ngouabi University; Associate Professor, Teacher Education, Edwards/ Glenwood Springs

Gary Ketzenbarger M.A., University of Colorado; B.A., University of Denver; Professor, Speech/Theatre; Spring Valley

Martyn Kingston, Ph.D., Harvard University; M.B.A., University of Utah; M.A., Harvard University; M.T.P., Manchester University (U.K.); B.A., Manchester University (U.K.); Professor, Business; Steamboat Springs

Carol Koch, M.A., University of Colorado; B.A., University of Colorado; Professor, Spanish; Edwards

Gretchen Lamb, D.V.M., B.A., Colorado State University; Professor, Veterinary Technology; Spring Valley

Kimberly Langmaid, Ph.D., Antioch University; M.A., Prescott College; B.S., Colorado State University; Associate Professor, Sustainability Studies, Edwards

Geoff Lautzenhiser; Assistant Professor, Welding; Leadville

Valerie Lawton, M.S.N., B.S.N., Western Governors University; Associate Professor, Nursing, Steamboat Springs

Jennifer le Roux, M.A., Adams State College; H.D.E., University of Cape Town; B.A., Stellenbosch University; Professor, Developmental Studies; Steamboat Springs

Ari Lewis, B.A., Metropolitan State University; Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Culinary Management, Aspen

Timothy Loes II, M.S., B.S., St. Cloud State University; Professor, Science; Edwards

Rebecca Luetke, M.S.N., Fort Hays State University; B.S.N., Regis University; Professor, Nursing; Spring Valley and Breckenridge

Pat Lupica, Ph.D., International School of Management; M.S., University of San Diego; Associate Professor, Business, Spring Valley

Joseph Maes, B.S., University of Northern Colorado; Assistant Professor, CLETA, Spring Valley

Michael Martin, M.B.A., B.S., Regis University; A.A., Colorado Mountain College; Professor, Ski and Snowboard Business; Steamboat Springs

Monika Mayer, M.S.N., Walden University; A.A.S., University of the State of New York; Assistant Professor, Nursing, Breckenridge

Kelli McCall, M.Ed., University of Minnesota; B.A., St. Olaf College; Associate Professor, Developmental Education; Leadville

Paul McCudden, M.F.A., Univeristy of Southern California; A.M., Harvard University; Associate Professor, Physical Science, Steamboat Springs

Lora Meredith, M.A., University of Northern Colorado; Associate Professor, Developmental Education; Spring Valley

Andrew Mikita, M.Ed., B.A., Ohio University; Associate Professor, Social Science; Breckenridge

Lorraine Miller, M.A., Adams State College; B.A., San Diego State University; Professor, Developmental Education; Aspen

Laura Minch, M.A., B.S., Northern Arizona University; Professor, Psychology; Spring Valley

Kira Minehart, M.S., B.S., Stanford University; Assistant Professor, GIS/ Field Science, Leadville

Joyce Mosher, Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Regis University; B.A., Penn State; Professor, English Communications; Breckenridge

Athena Murray, Ph.D., University of Georgia; M.A., University of Kansas, Associate Professor, Communication; Steamboat Springs

Jeff Myers, D.V.M., B.S., Colorado State University; Professor, Veterinary Technology; Spring Valley

Virginia Nicholai, M.A., University of New South Wales; B.A., Wesleyan University; Assistant Professor of English as a Second Language (ESL), Edwards

William Painter, Ph.D., Colorado State University; M.A., B.S., Clemson University; Associate Professor, Science/Mathematics; Dillon

Justin Pollack, N.D., Bastyr University; B.A., Evergreen State College; Associate Professor, Science; Dillon

Rebecca Potter, M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University; B.A., Washington University-St. Louis; Professor, English/Communications; Steamboat Springs


Kathleen Puening, M.S., University of Illinois at Chicago; B.S., Ohio State University; Associate Professor, Nursing, Spring Valley

Michael Reyelts, M.A., Adams State College; B.A., Brigham Young University; Professor, English as a Second Language (ESL); Rifle

Brian Rosser, J.D., Regent University; B.S., East Tennessee State University; Associate Professor, Ski Area Operations, Leadville

Lindsey Royce, Ph.D., University of Houston; M.A., New York University; M.F.A., Brooklyn College; Professor, English; Steamboat Springs

David Ruffley, Ph.D., Ohio State University; M.S., Troy State University; B.S., United States Air Force Academy; Professor, History; Rifle

Jeffrey Runyon, M.F.A., Western State Colorado University; M.A., University of Northern Colorado; B.A., Sam Houston State University; Associate Professor, English/ Literature; Leadville

Todd Rymer, M.S., Florida International University; B.A., New College of the University of South Florida; Professor, Culinary Education; Edwards

John Saunders, Ph.D., M.A., University of Northern Colorado; B.S., North Carolina State University; Professor, Outdoor Education and Leadership; Steamboat Springs

Christopher Schierer, M.S., University of North Flordia; B.B.A., Florida International University; Assistant Professor, Paramedic Programs, Edwards

Brittney Seale, M.Ed., Texas Woman’s University; Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Edwards

Roseanne Shepard, B.A., Benedictine College; Assistant Professor, Developmental Studies; Spring Valley

Jason Shoup; Assistant Professor, Welding; Rifle

Shawn Sigstedt, A.M., Harvard University; B.A., Colorado College; Associate Professor, Biology; Steamboat Springs

Courtney Smazinski, M.S.N., Marian University; B.S.N, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Assistant Professor, Nursing, Steamboat Springs

Christine Smith, Ph.D., University of Denver; M.A., University of Denver; B.A., Tufts University; Professor, Communications/Humanities; Spring Valley and Glenwood Springs

Sara A. Smith, Ph.D., Michigan State University; Professor, Spanish; Glenwood Springs

Susanna Spaulding, Ph.D., Colorado State University; M.B.A., New York University; Professor, Entrepreneur Program; Leadville

Patrick Staib, Ph.D., M.A., University of New Mexico; B.A., Dickinson College; Associate Professor, Social Science; Steamboat Springs

Joshua Stepanek, Ph.D., University of Colorado; B.S., St. Cloud State University; Associate Professor, Biology, Edwards

Jacqueline Sternberg, M.S.N., Grand Canyon University; A.A.S., PIMA Medical Institute; Assistant Professor, Nursing, Spring Valley

Nathan Stewart, Ph.D., University of Alaska; Associate Professor, Sustainable Studies; Steamboat Springs

Steven Stewart, Ph.D., B.A., University of New Mexico; Associate Professor, Business; Steamboat Springs

Peter Surgent, M.Ed., Boise State University; M.S., Towson University; Associate Professor, Mathematics, Steamboat Springs

Brian Taylor, B.S., Northland College; Associate Professor, EMS Program; Breckenridge

Rodrick Taylor, Ph.D., University of Utah; B.S., Utah State University; Professor, Biology/Chemistry; Spring Valley

Annette Temple, B.S., Brigham Young University; Assistant Professor, Veterinary Technology, Spring Valley

Nephi Thompson, Ph.D., University of California; M.Phil., Brigham Young University; B.S., University of Utah; Professor, Biology/Chemistry; Rifle

Brian Tinker, Ed.D., Argosy University; M.F.A, Miami International University; B.A., Anderson College; Professor, Graphic Design; Spring Valley

Joyce Treulieb, M.S., University of Colorado-Colorado Springs; Associate Professor, Math; Steamboat Springs

Jason Vargas, M.S., B.S., California State University; Professor, Mathematics; Spring Valley

Robert Von Achen, Ph.D., Oxford University; B.A., New York University; Associate Professor, English; Rifle

Simon Waldbaum, Ph.D., Colorado State University; B.A., Colorado College; Associate Professor, Science, Leadville

Robert Wang, Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado; M.S.E., University of Michigan; Professor, Biology/Environmental Science; Spring Valley

Evan Weatherbie, M.Ed., Grand Canyon University; Professor, Developmental Education, Edwards

Tracy White, M.S., B.A., University of Colorado; Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Rifle

Timothy Widmer, M.B.A., Regis University; B.S., Colorado State University; Professor, Ski and Snowboard Business; Steamboat Springs

Jennifer Wing, Ph.D., M.A., Georgia State University; B.A., University of Georgia; Professor, English; Edwards

Xiao Yang, M.F.A., B.F.A., Bowling Green State University; Assistant Professor, Digital Media, Spring Valley

Stacy Yarnell, M.A., M.S., B.S., University of Colorado; Associate Professor, Mathematics; Edwards

Cynthia Zyzda, M.F.A., Washington State University; B.F.A., University of Iowa; Professor, Visual Arts/Humanities; Steamboat Springs

CMC Full-Time Staff by Location

Central Services - Glenwood Springs

Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser, Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles; College President & CEO

Matt Gianneschi, Ph.D., University of Arizona; Chief Operating Officer/Chief of Staff

Yesenia Arreola, M.S.W, University of Denver; B.S., Regis University; Executive Director of TRIO

Brian Barker, B.S., University of Colorado; Director of Marketing and Communications

Mary Boyd, C.P.A.,  B.S., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Vice President, Fiscal Affairs

Karleen Clark, B.S., University of Maryland, University College; A.S., Southwestern Community College; Director, Administrative Application Services

Janelle Cook, B.S., Lee University; Director of Financial Aid

Debra Crawford, B.A., Colorado State University; Director, Public Information Officer

Lisa Doak, M.Ed., University of Wisconsin; B.A., Southern Illinois University; Assistant Vice President, Student Services

Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury, M.S., Miami University; B.A., Hiram College; Career Services Director

Seth Goddard, B.A., Skidmore College; Director of Development, CMC Foundation


Richard Gonzales, J.D., Stanford Law School; B.S., University of Colorado-Boulder; General Counsel/ Senior Inclusivity Officer

Julie Hanson, J.D, University of Denver Law; B.S. University of Kansas; Purchasing and Contracts Director

Kristin Heath Colon, B.A., Scripps College; Vice President for Advancement and CMC Foundation CEO

Ray Jackson, A.A., A.S., Kilgore College; Director of Database Services

Veneeya Kinion, B.B.A., California Lutheran University; Director of Institutional Research

Nick Larkins, B.A., University of Nebraska; Budget/Finance Director

Shane Larson, M.S., Capella University; B.A., University of Wyoming; Vice President for Student Affairs

Susan Mooreland, Ph.D., University of Maryland; M.B.A., Texas Women’s University; M.S., B.S., California State University; Dean, School of Nursing, Health Science and Public Safety

Acquelnetta Myrick, Ed.D., The George Washington University; M.S., Coppin State University; B.S., University of Baltimore; Dean, School of Transitional Education

James Neff, A.A.S., DeVry University; Executive Director of Information Technology



Sean Nesbitt, B.S., Eastern Oregon University; Director of Facilities

Stephen Rozanski, M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology; M.B.A., University of Colorado; B.A., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Director, Risk Management

Cleo Perkins, Director of Customer Support Services

Kathryn Regjo, Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania; M.B.A., University of Denver; B.A., Adrian College; Vice President of Academic Affairs

Josh Rubin, A.G.S, Colorado Mountain College; Director of Technical Support Services

Lea “Beez” Schell, Ph.D., Texas Women’s University; M.S., Slippery Rock University; B.A., Wheeling Jesuit College; Dean of Academic Support

Steven Squier, M.S., Iowa State University; B.A., Millikin University; Director of Academic Assessment and Planning

Natalie Torres, M.A.,  Adams State University, B.S., University of Colorado at Boulder; Registrar

Chris Wenger, M.A., M.B.A., Webster University; Director of Technology Enhanced Learning

Angela Wurtsmith, M.S., Colorado State University; B.S., Colorado Mountain College; A.A., Colorado Mountain College; Director of Human Resources


Steve Skadron, M.B.A., Northeastern University; B.S., University of Minnesota; Vice President and Campus Dean  

Margaret Clement, M.F.A., University of California; Assistant Dean of Instruction & Site Administrator

  Robert Martin, M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University; B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology; Dean, School of Communication, Art, and Media


David Askeland, M.A., Columbia International University; B.S., Taylor University; Vice President and Campus Dean


Ian Buchanan, Culinary Institute of America; Director of Recreational Culinary Institute

  Laurie Moroco, Ph.D., Duquesne University; Assistant Dean of Instruction


See Aspen



Chaffee County at Buena Vista

See Leadville


Brooke Carson, M.Ed., Western Governors University; Assistant Dean of Instruction


Nicole Fazande, M.A.Ed., University of Phoenix; B.S., Louisiana State University; Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

  Yuliya Lef, M.L.S., Indiana University-Bloomington; B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder; Virtual Library Director

Glenwood Springs

Joan Chovanec, B.A., College of St. Mary’s; Director, Children’s Mini College

Laura Hardman, M.A., Adams State University; Assistant Dean of Instruction & Site Coordinator


Karen Kaemmerling, M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University; Assistant Dean of Instruction, Online Learning

Anne Moll, Ed.D., University of Louisville; Dean, School of Humanities (college-wide)


Elizabeth Qualman, M.A., University of Colorado; Teacher Education Director


Rachel Pokrandt, M.B.A., Western Governor University; Vice President and Campus Dean

Walter “Skip” Lee, M.S., University at Albany; B.A., State University of New York-Oneonta; A.A., Sullivan County Community College; Dean of Student Affairs


Cooper MallozziM.S., Montana State University; Dean, School of Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation (college-wide)

Elizabeth Miller, Ph.D., University of Arkansas, M.S.L.S., University of Denver; Library Learning Commons Director


Amy Smallwood, M.A., Wheaton College; B.A., Taylor University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Claire van der Plas, M.F.A., University of Auckland; Assistant Dean of Instruction


Tinkler Duclo, M.A., University of Colorado, Denver; B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder; Vice President and Campus Dean

Gloria Cueva, B.A., University of Texas; Director, Upward Bound


Darell Diedrich, M.A., Northern Arizona University; B.A., Colorado Mesa University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Marjorie Lear, M.L.I.S., University of Pittsburg; B.A., University of Michigan; Assistant Dean of Instruction


Chip Thomas, M.S., B.S., Colorado State University; Assistant Dean of Student Affairs


See Leadville.

Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs

Heather Exby, Ph.D., Colorado State University; M.Ed., Harvard University; B.A., Colorado College; Vice President and Campus Dean

Melanie Alexander, B.S., University of Kentucky; Director of Recreation and Events

Betty Bembenek, Ed.D., Northcentral University; M.N., University of Phoenix College of Nursing-Salt Lake City; B.S., Marian College; A.S., North Central Technical College; Director of Nursing

Laurie Corwin, B.S., Central Michigan University; Director of Student Life and Housing


Stewart Curry, B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; C.O.P., Colorado Mountain College; Program Director, CLETA; Spring Valley

Adrian Fielder, Ph.D., Northwestern University; M.A., University of Utah; B.A., Duke University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Audrey Imhoff, M.S., B.A., University of Michigan, Director of Library Learning Commons


Lisa Runck, Ph.D., Adams State University; M.A., University of Michigan; B.A., University of Alaska Fairbanks; Associate Dean of Students

Maureen Stepp, M.B.A., University of Colorado; B.A., Pennsylvania State University; Program Director, Bachelor of Applied Science

Jane Szucs, M.Phil., University of Utah; M.A., Northern Arizona University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Steamboat Springs

Kathy Kiser-Miller, M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A., Otterbein College; Vice President and Campus Dean

Michelle Cole, M.Ed., South Dakota State University; B.S., Western Oregon University; Director of Student Life and Housing

Melissa Dowd, M.A., National University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Debra Froehlich, M.S. California University of Pennsylvania; B.S. Western Illinois University; Assistant Dean of Instruction


Matthew Jost, M.A., University of Wyoming, Assistant Dean of Instruction

Carolyn Lawrence, M.A., Northern Michigan University; Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Johnathan Lawrence, Ph.D, Michigan Technical University; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Perry Ninger, M.B.A., University of Chicago; B.S., University of Pennsylvania-Wharton; Dean, School of Business (college-wide)


Jonathan “J.C.” Norling, Ph.D., University of Utah; M.S.Ed., S. Illinois University; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Randall Rudasics, M.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.S., Colorado State University; Manager, Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center and CMC Foundation Regional Development Officer

Kevin Williams, M.S., University of Missouri, Columbia; B.A., University of Missouri, Rolla; Library Director

Vail Valley at Edwards

Marc Brennan, Ph.D., Queensland University of Technology; Vice President and Campus Dean

Amy Blakey, B.A., University of Colorado; Assistant Dean of Instruction

David Gifford, M.A., Teaching, The University of Portland; Dean, School of STEM (college-wide)


Jeremiah Johnson, M.M., University of North Texas; Assistant Dean of Instruction

Ted Long, Ed.D., Argosy University; M.F.A., Miami International University of Art & Design; Assistant Dean of Instruction




Heather O’Malley, M.A., School for International Training; B.A., Lewis and Clark University; Director, Upward Bound

CMC Board of Trustees

The CMC President is governed by a Board of Trustees. They are:

Patty Theobald, President
  Trustee, District 4
  Breckenridge, CO
Bob Hartzell, Trustee
  Trustee, District 6
  Leadville, CO
Bob Kuusinen, Trustee
  Trustee, District 5
  Steamboat Springs, CO
Charles Cunniffe, Secretary
  Trustee, District 1
  Aspen, CO
Chris Romer, Treasurer
  Trustee, District 7
  Edwards, CO
Marianne Virgili, Trustee
  Director, District 2
  Carbondale, CO
Peg Portscheller, Trustee
   Trustee, District 3
   Parachute, CO

CMC Foundation Board of Directors


Merilee Maupin, Chair, Leadville

Elaine Kelton, Vice Chair, Vail

Roger Hennefeld, Treasurer, Basalt

Jerry Gavenda, Secretary, Frisco


Bruce Allbright, Steamboat Springs

Norman Bacheldor, Basalt

Kathy Barger, Carbondale

Sally Brands, Rifle

Lauren Cornish, Basalt

Ursula Gross, Edwards

Ferdinand (Tito) Liotta, MD, Carbondale

Keith M. Moffett, Leadville

Bere Neas, Steamboat Springs

Sarah Vaine, Dillon


Marianne Virgili, CMC Board of Trustees Representative

Joe Yob, Former CMC Foundation Board Chair

Kristin Heath Colon, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation

Carrie Besnette Hauser, CMC President & CEO