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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ski and Snowboard Business (AAS)

As the snow-sports industry has grown, so has the need for technically trained professionals with strong leadership, management, and communication skills. The Ski & Snowboard Business program was designed with help from Billy Kidd, former Olympic medalist and World Cup champion. Kidd and others who are deeply involved in today’s snow-sports industry developed the program to offer careers in specialized retail and wholesale businesses which supply ski and snowboarding clothing and equipment. Snow-sports related careers include retailing, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Additionally, Colorado Mountain College and Western State College have signed an agreement that allows students in the Ski and Snowboard Business degree to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Marketing. Please consult with your advisor about requirements for this option.

Students must demonstrate college-level proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics as prerequisites for courses within this degree. Skills in these areas may affect the sequence in which you can enroll and may also extend the time required to complete this program. For more details, please see the Academic Placement and Testing  section.

Graduates of the program will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Ski & Snowboard Business. Your advisor will help you develop a schedule that meets your academic needs.

The Ski & Snowboard Business Degree is offered at Steamboat Springs. See the Master Course Listing  for more information about Ski & Snowboard Business courses.

General Education & Business Requirements

(21 credits)

Advised Electives

(18 credits)

Minimum Hours Required

Minimum Credit Hours Required (60)
Minimum Contact Hours Required (1012.5-1155)


◆ State Guaranteed Transfer Course

✽ Applies to CMC AA|AS Degree

For more information see Degree & Certificate Descriptions & Requirements .