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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Safety and Security

Hall Access and Exterior Doors

For safety and security reasons, exterior doors should remain closed to restrict access to non-residents. Any suspicious persons should be reported to the Residence Hall Staff immediately. The propping of outside doors is not tolerated and anyone found doing so is subject to strict judicial action. Doors that cannot be opened by key or card swipe are not to be used by residents or guests, including if opened from the inside by an additional party. This includes doors that have time restricted access. Propping doors or allowing/gaining access through a locked door is considered tampering with a security device.

Key/Cards and Lock-Outs

Residents are issued a CMC Student ID card which provides them access to their residence hall door and entrances to the residence hall. A mailbox key will be issued to each resident. You are required to carry your CMC Student ID with you at all times. Leaving your ID card unattended or loaning them to friends jeopardizes the safety and security of you and your roommate, your room and your personal belongings, and those in the community. You may not give your CMC Student ID or lock out/guest card to anyone else including your roommate or other CMC students. Students must report lost ID Cards or mail keys to a Residence Life Staff member immediately to ensure the safety and security of the building. Lock-outs and lost key/card will result in fines and or a key/cards being reissued.

Doors, Locks and Windows

CMC strongly recommends that all residents securely lock their doors and windows when they leave their rooms and while they are sleeping. Any action that prevents any door from locking/latching is prohibited and will result in judicial action/sanctions. The level of safety and security of individuals and personal property is largely determined by the attentiveness of you, your roommate and fellow residents. Please report suspicious individuals or activities to the Residence Life staff.

Entering or exiting a room through the window is strictly prohibited. Hanging, throwing or dumping items or fluids out of your window will result in judicial action, fines, and/or charges for clean-up and damage repair.

Window Screens

Screens may not be removed from the windows of the residence hall at any time as it poses a danger to the safety and security of the community. Removal or damage of such will result in judicial action, and a fine of $80 in addition to any repair or replacement cost.

Video and Audio Surveillance

Colorado Mountain College residence halls employ the use of video/electronic surveillance to include moving and still images as well as audio in common areas of the buildings. These systems are maintained to assist in ensuring the safety and property of the college community and its members, as well as to serve as a deterrent to crime. These systems may be viewed live or archived and accessed when needed to address Code of Conduct issues, residence hall violations, criminal investigations or property management. Students may not tamper, disable or destroy any device or function related to video/electronic surveillance systems. For further information please see the Dean of Student Affairs on your campus.

Entering Student Rooms

In addition to routine health and safety inspections, it is occasionally necessary for CMC Staff members to enter a resident’s room for maintenance or personal safety reasons. Whenever possible, CMC will do so with advance notice and in the presence of the occupants. However, CMC reserves the right to enter a resident’s room for the purpose of inspecting the premises when an authorized agent of CMC has reasonable cause to believe - including, but not limited to - any of the following:

  1. The occupant of the room may be harmed or endangered.

  2. Damage is being done to College property.

  3. There is sufficient reason to believe that a violation of a College policy, as stated in the CMC Residence Hall or Student Handbooks, is occurring or has occurred, or there is sufficient reason to believe a public law is being violated.

  4. Housekeeping, maintenance and/or repair is necessary.

Personal Property

Students are responsible for all personal property, including any theft or damage to their personal items such as vehicles, room contents, and other personal belongings. You are strongly advised to obtain renter’s insurance, vehicle insurance, and health insurance if not covered through your parent’s or guardian’s insurance or other personal means.

Upon termination of your Residence Hall and Food Service Academic Year Agreement, you agree to remove all personal items and belongings from the building and any vehicles or recreational equipment for which you are responsible from the residence hall parking lots and grounds.  If you fail to remove such items on the day of vacancy, you will be responsible to the College for all costs of removal and disposal.  All such property not so removed shall conclusively be deemed to have been abandoned and may be appropriated, sold, stored, destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the College without notice to you or any other person and without any obligation to account for such items. 

Personal Safety and Security

Crimes occur on all college campuses and you are encouraged to report any occurrence immediately.

You as an individual can do a great deal to help insure you don’t become a victim of crime by following these guidelines:

  1. Do NOT lend your room ID card/keys to others.

  2. Report lost ID card/keys to an RA.

  3. NEVER admit strangers into your room or the building.

  4. Always keep your personal vehicle locked when not in use.

  5. Ask for identification from all service and repair people if you do not recognize them.

  6. If you receive a crank or annoying phone call, hang up immediately and report the incident to the Assistant Coordinator. Please remember it is a crime under both state and federal laws for anyone to make obscene or harassing telephone calls.

  7. If you notice a door or a window has been forced or broken while you were gone, DO NOT ENTER, and contact a residence life staff member.

  8. Keep emergency numbers handy.

  9. Public areas may be monitored by camera systems.

When walking on campus:

  1. Use the buddy system - don’t walk alone.

  2. Be cautious and alert.

  3. Avoid dark areas… walk in well-lit areas ONLY.

  4. Walk in areas normally used by other pedestrians. Avoid wooded areas.

Residence Hall and Personal Emergencies

In the event of a residence hall emergency, contact a residence life staff member immediately.

Emergency Contacts

Please see the back cover or http://reslife.coloradomtn.edu for the emergency contacts page.