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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Room Regulations

Roommates and Room Changes

In an attempt to create compatible living conditions, roommates are assigned together based on their Academic Year Agreement. CMC does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or physical/mental disability. CMC does select roommates based on gender. As there are varying issues including capacity, it is difficult to make changes once the semester begins. Residents are able to request a change of room after the first two weeks of each semester (the room change request forms are available in the Assistant Coordinator of Student Life). Please be advised that unauthorized room changes may result in judicial action. Pending mediation, change may be considered in cases of extreme conflict. Each resident is encouraged to discuss roommate or personal concerns with a Residence Life staff member. Clarifying mutual needs and expectations early in the semester can help prevent many common problems.

Room Consolidation

As stated in the Academic Year Agreement, CMC reserves the right to change room assignments, and/or consolidate vacancies at any time in the interest of health, discipline, occupancy, or for the general welfare of the student.

Residents who are asked to consolidate may request permission from the Assistant Coordinator to keep their current double rooms as single rooms. If such permission is granted, those residents will pay a higher fee for the balance of the semester.

Failure to consolidate or lack of cooperation with a room assignment process may result in charges and/or judicial action.

Single Room Policy

The availability of single rooms is determined by occupancy status of the hall. If a space becomes available, a single room may be offered based on the priority list. To get on the list, stop by the Office of Residence Life. Spring semester is generally the time that a few single rooms become available. Residents who request and receive a single room will have to complete paperwork and be charged a prorated single room rate, if applicable.

Room Condition

Residents are responsible for the condition of their room and bathroom and collectively for the common living areas they share. As a resident you are required to inspect your room and record its condition on a room condition/inventory form upon arrival. Any pre-existing damage or wear to the items on the inventory sheet must be noted. We urge each resident to be very specific on the room inventory. You will be asked to sign this form after moving in, and it is important that you take the time to inspect the room carefully. When moving out of your room, you are expected to leave it in the same condition as when you arrived. Any discrepancies found during check-out will be billed to the student or divided between roommates, and could result in loss of the security/damage deposit.

Furniture and Room Personalization

While we attempt to furnish each room with all the basic essentials, we recognize that a comfortable living environment is individualized, so adding furniture to a room is permitted as long as it does not create a health or fire safety hazard or damage the room in any way. Please note, residents CANNOT remove any existing furniture from a room or campus. We do not have the storage space for such. When/if rearranging furniture, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Other than bunking beds in the manner to which they are designed, no furniture is to be stacked since this tends to damage furniture as well as pose a safety hazard.
  2. Flipping bedsprings or putting mattresses or bedsprings on the floor is not permitted, due to the damage this causes. Mattresses/ bedsprings are not to be used as a shelving unit.
  3. Residents will be responsible for the condition of furniture in their room and will be charged for any costs to repair or replace damaged or missing furniture. Furniture is not to leave the room to which it is assigned. Severely damaged and missing furniture will be billed to the student at repair or placement cost. Allowances are made for reasonable wear and tear.
  4. The following items are not permitted, and may result in judicial action:
    1. Personally crafted lofts, platforms, or structures of any type
    2. Dart boards
    3. Hammocks
    4. Water furniture
    5. Moving the shelvingunits or light fixtures
    6. Modification of electric utilities
    7. Use of stickers onfurnishings, mirrors,windows, doors, walls,ceilings, cabinets, etc.
    8. Any items hung from the ceiling (i.e. tapestries, blankets, flags, posters, etc.) that block easy access, restrict view into the room, cover light fixtures or create room dividers or fire safety hazards
    9. Painting or drawing on any surfaces or furnishings (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, mirrors, or carpet).
    10. Other: see fire safety hazards listed under the fire safety regulation section
  5.   Residents may NOT install bicycle/ski hooks or penetrate ceilings or walls in any way as it can cause serious structural damage to the building.

Another aspect of room personalization includes hanging items on the walls. We understand your desire to do so, but at the same time want to minimize the impact this has on the building. Therefore the following items are not allowed:

  1. screws of any sort
  2. tape of any sort (i.e. scotch, masking, duct, etc.)
  3. nails
  4. all sticky tack
  5. staples

We recommend students use small tacks or push pins first for hanging items. If this doesn’t work or additional measures are needed contact a member of Residence Life. Excessive holes may result in a room damage fine.

Maintenance Requests

If something breaks or malfunctions during the course of the year, contact your Resident Assistant to complete a work request form. By requesting such, you give permission for College staff to enter your room to complete the repair, regardless of whether a resident is present at the time the repair work is conducted. Residents will be notified that staff have entered their rooms by a notice that will be placed on the door of the room. CMC staff will only enter a room in the presence of another staff member except in cases of emergencies.

Unless the repair is a result of normal wear and tear, residents will be billed for the cost of the repair or replacement work.

Health and Safety Inspections

Residence Life Staff will enter your room to conduct regularly scheduled routine maintenance/safety/ health checks. The staff members will look for things that might contribute to maintenance, safety, or health problems. They will NOT search the rooms, but are obligated to report any violations of residence hall guidelines they observe during their inspection. As each room has its own bathroom, the RAs will be inspecting each bathroom for cleanliness and sanitation as well. Dates and times for room checks will be posted in the hall at least 48 hours prior to the room check, so that residents can rearrange their schedule to be present should they wish to do so. RAs will only inspect a room in the presence of the resident or another Residence Life staff member.

Sanitation and Trash

We all have to live in the residence hall. Please do not leave garbage or personal property in any public area including hallways, bathrooms, lounges, laundry room and ESPECIALLY outside of the building. Please assist us with proper disposal of wrappers, pop cans, etc. Help keep our mountain environment beautiful.

  1. There is no maid service. Your trash must be taken outside to the dumpster, not left outside your doorway or out your window. Do not empty your trash in public areas.
  2. Please use the dumpsters and keep the lids closed.
  3. Do not park in front of the dumpsters.
  4. The following items cannot be placed in the dumpsters and cannot be left on campus: furniture, paint, motor and hydraulic oil, tires, batteries, gasoline, antifreeze, pesticides, contaminated soils, untreated medical waste, cans or drums that once held hazardous or flammable materials, explosives, chlorine, appliances containing freon, or asbestos.

Violations of the above policies will likely result in judicial action. Do not allow trash to accumulate. Clean your rooms and bathrooms often. Take pride in your living areas and work out a cleaning schedule with your roommate to keep your room and public areas clean.

Remember to RECYCLE!!!

Contact staff for procedures on your campus.

Check In/Check Out Procedures

All residents are required to follow designated check-in and check-out procedures. When leaving the residence hall, or moving to a new room within the hall, it is important that residents understand all expectations of them. Each resident is responsible for cleaning the room and their portion of the common areas in the room (bathroom). This includes scheduling a check-out time with the Resident Assistant at least 48 hours in advance. Each resident is responsible for returning their keys to the RA at the time they are checked out. You are provided a room inventory/condition form when moving in to document existing damage and condition. You should inspect carefully all items on the inventory and make note of pre-existing damages. Damage not noted on the room inventory/condition form at check-in will be charged to you at check-out. Details on current procedures and a list of damage repair and replacement costs are available from the Office of Student Life. Failure to adhere to check-out procedures may result in forfeiture of your security/damage deposit or an improper check-in/ check-out fee (minimum of $75). (You must check out no later than 24 hours after completion of your last class or final exam or hall closing time, whichever comes first.) Missing a scheduled checkout time will result in your being rescheduled for a later time and may result in a minimum $25 penalty for each hour you are late checking out.

It is important that each resident realize the Residence Hall and Food Service Academic Year Agreement is binding for the entire academic year. Therefore, you are financially responsible for the agreement. Releases are granted only if you are graduating or transferring and have made this known at the time of application. Therefore, before residents sign leases for apartments off-campus, they should be sure they understand their contractual obligations to CMC. For questions relating to the agreement, please stop by the Office of Student Life for further clarification.