May 30, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog


The Pre-Engineering program at CMC prepares students to transfer to the University of Colorado Boulder or the Colorado School of Mines for the completion of a bachelor’s degree in an engineering program of their choice. Students may use the recommendations below to help gain acceptance to and transfer credits to other engineering programs around the country, but students are encouraged to contact a transfer advisor before completing a significant number of courses.

The Pre-Engineering program is not a degree, it is a recommendation of courses based on Guaranteed Admission Agreements, Articulation Agreements, and what has commonly been accepted by receiving institutions.

Nearly all CMC campuses can accommodate students wanting to complete these courses. Not every course is offered on every campus, nor are they offered every semester. Some courses may require technology enhanced modalities to complete.

Recommended Courses for All Students

For students planning to attend the University of Colorado Boulder, there is a four-course minimum requirement for guaranteed admission to the program of your choice. These courses are MAT 2410 , MAT 2420 , PHY 2111  or CHE 1111 , and one course from PHY 2111 PHY 2112 CHE 1111 , CHE 1112 CSC 1060 , or MAT 2430 . For students applying without 24 or more college credits, students will be required to submit a high school transcript. Please refer to the CU Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

For students planning to attend the Colorado School of Mines, they prefer students to complete the Calculus sequence rather than transfer in one or two courses. Also, historically, Mines accepts a small number of transfer students, so students are encouraged to apply before accumulating 24 or more college credits. Please refer to the Mines Admission Agreement.

University of Colorado Boulder

The following are additional course recommendations for students planning to attend the University of Colorado.

The Colorado School of Mines

The following are additional course recommendations for students planning to attend Mines. To meet a Mines requirement, student must complete both ENG 1022  and PHI 2018 . Refer to the articulation agreement for information regarding OUT, PED, DAN, and HWE as well as the GT-Pathways courses.