Apr 15, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

✽ Social Work Emphasis (AA)

The emphasis pathway in Social Work prepares Associate of Art students to transfer to a four-year institution in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Social workers are professionals who are specially trained to work with people to provide a variety of services to individuals, families, groups, or communities. Social workers are employed in many different settings including, but not limited to, schools, corrections, victims programs, child welfare, nursing homes, foster care agencies, domestic violence shelters, and homeless programs.

The Social Work emphasis pathway at CMC consists of 31 credits of Colorado State Guaranteed Transfer requirements and is designed to transfer to Metro State University (MSU). Students who complete the AA with a Social Work emphasis in its entirety at Colorado Mountain College in the prescribed curriculum can apply to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at MSU. Students who complete a BSW degree will be able to apply to Metro State University’s Master of Social Work program or to the University of Denver’s Master of Social Work.

For students who do not finish the full 60-credit AA degree with a Social Work emphasis, courses may transfer on a course-by-course basis. This decision is at the discretion of the receiving institution; please see your advisor. For students who change their major between two liberal arts programs, the same general education applies; however, students who change their major after the first 60 credits accept the responsibility that this decision may require additional courses.

The Social Work emphasis is offered at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs. Not every course is offered at every campus each semester, some campuses may require additional technology-enhanced modalities. For additional program location & modality information, please see Academic Programs at Colorado Mountain College.

General Education Requirements (34 credits)

Written Communication (GT-CO1-3)

Complete 2 courses (6 credits):

Mathematics (GT-MA1)

Complete 1 course (3 credits):

Arts & Humanities (GT-AH3)

Complete 2 courses (6 credits):

History (GT-HI1)

Complete 1 course (3 credits) from the following options:

Social & Behavioral Sciences (GT-SS1/SS3)

Complete 2 courses (6 credits) from the following:

Natural & Physical Sciences (GT-SC1-2)

Complete 2 courses (7 credits) from the following:

Oral/Presentational Communication

Select 1 course (3 credits) from the following options:

Electives (8 credits)

Advised Electives

  • Complete 6 credits of advised transfer-level general education electives
    (courses with a ◆ or ✽ symbol)

Wellness Elective

  • Choose at least 2 credits of wellness courses from the following options:

  • 3.0 Credits
  • ✽ Transfer-level PED/OUT/DAN  course
  • Note: credits over 2 will be applied to advised electives

Total Credits Earned

General Education Requirements (31 credits)
Emphasis Requirements (21 credits)
Electives (8 credits)
Total credits toward AA: Social Work Emphasis (60 credits)


State Guaranteed Transfer 

Generally Transferable

Not all programs/courses are available at every campus and may require travel to another campus or access via technology-enabled learning (videoconferencing, hybrid, or online).