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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Culinary: Sustainable Cuisine - Operations II Professional Certificate

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This certificate provides Culinary Arts professionals with additional skills that are essential for creating and running a successful sustainable food service operation. Students will learn about food service sustainability issues and how to implement cost-effective measures that will enhance your operation’s environmental and social impacts while increasing profitability.

The curriculum includes courses included in the Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts- Vail Valley  and the Sustainable Cuisine Operations I  certificate and courses may be applied toward those programs.

Graduates of the program will receive a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in Sustainable Cuisine Operations II: Professional.

The Sustainable Cuisine Operations II: Professional certificate is offered at Colorado Mountain College in Vail Valley at Edwards. Please see your advisor for a recommended sequence of courses.

Learn more about the Culinary Arts-Vail Valley Program.

This certificate program is not eligible for federal student aid funds.

Minimum Hours Required

Minimum Credit Hours Required (5)
Minimum Contact Hours Required (75)


◆ State Guaranteed Transfer Course

✽ Applies to CMC AA/AS/AGS Degrees

Not all programs/courses are available at every campus and may require travel to another campus or access via distance learning (IVS, hybrid, or online).

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