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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Catalog Addendum

March 7, 2019: On the Home page, the following items were changed to reflect the new Academic Calendar dates for the Spring 2020 semester: Spring Semester, Spring Break, and Commencements.

March 14, 2019: Steamboat Springs was removed as a location for the BSN Nursing and BA Education programs. This was an error.

April 25, 2019: The AAS Ski Area Operations program description incorrectly referenced 60 credits required for graduation. That minimum requirement changed to 63 in 2017-2018 and the verbiage has been corrected.

July 2, 2019: The COP Ski and Snowboard Business: Professional Guide Certificate minimum credit/contact hours was incorrect and has been corrected to accurately reflect the courses required.

October 29, 2019: The contact email for Foundation scholarships was updated to kdesportes@coloradomtn.edu.

October 30, 2019: Added the Hardship Withdrawal process on the Registering for Classes page.

December 3, 2019: Corrected the start date for the college being closed for winter break. The correct start date is December 23.

March 5, 2020: Updated the Summer Registration period to begin on March 30, 2020. Corrected the Independence Day - no classes date. The correct date is July 3, 2020.

March 23, 2020: Summer registration was delayed until April 15 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 21, 2020: The course ASI-130 Athlete Alignment and Fitting had an incorrect instructional method with total contact hours of 67.5. The correct instructional method is split between LECLB and LEC with total contact hours of 52.5.

April 22, 2020: Vail Valley at Edwards was incorrectly listed as a location for the EMT Intermediate Certificate of Occupational Proficiency and has now been removed.

May 6, 2020: The following addendum was added to the Standard Tuition section of the Getting Into CMC  page for Veteran Tuition:

Tuition Addendum for 2020 Summer VA Students:

  1. Students who enroll for the first time at Colorado Mountain College for summer 2020 semester and are classified as either In-state or In-service area for their tuition classification do not qualify for the CMC Responds Tuition/Fee discount. These students will have certified charges for summer 2020 on VAOnce. 
  2. The continuing students (In-State, In-District and In-service area tuition classifications) who enrolled for spring 2020 and who are now enrolling for summer 2020 qualify for the CMC Responds benefit and will have credits certified but will have 0 charges certified.
  3. Students who are enrolling for the first time at CMC for summer 2020 and are classified with In-District status also qualify for the CMC Responds benefit. Credits will be certified with 0 charges, reflecting this discount.

May 13, 2020

Correction: The Digital Production Track within the AAS Digital Media program requires MGD 263 Sound Design II, not MGD 163 Sound Design I.