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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Student Center

The Student Center is the hub of campus life. Food Services, the dining room, student activity and student government offices, the Campus Bookstore, and other student support offices are located in the Student Center.

A comfortable TV lounge is also in the center and is a popular spot for students to relax. College-sponsored dances, concerts, speakers and films are held in the dining hall and commons areas. Community events may also be held in the center. Watch for information on upcoming events.

Residence Halls

Colorado Mountain College offers on-campus housing at Glenwood Springs - Spring Valley, Leadville and Steamboat Springs campuses. Each room has its own bathroom (shower, sink, toilet), and is furnished with beds, closets, a desk, chest of drawers and local phone service. Laundry rooms, TV lounges, study lounges, computer rooms and other facilities are available.

On-campus residents must participate in the College Food Service Plan. Any student who is enrolled full-time (12 or more in-classroom credit hours) is eligible to live on campus. Students living in the residence halls must take a minimum of 12 semester credits of in-classroom instruction taught on that residential campus. When you are admitted as a full-time student, you will receive a housing reservation form and are eligible to reserve housing. Residences are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing is limited and usually fills quickly, so we do urge early reservations. New first-year full-time students are required to live on campus for one year.

You may request your roommate if the preference is mutual. If you wish to live with a particular person or persons, your housing reservation forms should be submitted at the same approximate time. When a roommate is assigned, great care is taken, based on a personal questionnaire, to make suitable and compatible arrangements.

Each on-campus resident is assigned a mailbox. Please provide your friends and family with your box number and make certain they also know to include “Colorado Mountain College” in the address.

The Assistant Coordinator of Residence Life and several Resident Assistants reside on campus and provide assistance and supervision. On-campus residents are informed about who these people are and where their rooms are located.

A Residence Hall Handbook, which outlines regulations and resources, is distributed to each campus resident. It is your responsibility to review this information. For more detailed information, contact the Office of Residential Life.

Food Service

Meals are prepared in the Student Center and are served cafeteria style. The food service staff plans menus that give proper emphasis to nutrition, quality, and quantity. Two main entries are offered during both lunch and dinner, and includes a selection of vegetables, a comprehensive salad bar, soup, and desserts. Breakfast consists of cereals, eggs, breads, assorted juices, and pastries.

All residence hall students must participate in the food service plan.

Student Activities

A number of activities occur through the school year. Some are sponsored by the Student Government Association, and others are sponsored by individual student clubs or organizations. You are encouraged to be a leader in the development of new activities that could benefit the student community as a whole.

Remember that student activities are largely planned and organized by students and you are encouraged to get involved. Work through your Coordinator of Student Life or, better yet, volunteer to serve on the Student Activities Committee.

Educational Programs

A series of educational and student life programs, and selfhelp resources are offered to provide a variety of opportunities to inform students regarding areas such as campus safety and security, sexual aggression/date acquaintance rape, drug and alcohol use/abuse, stress management, time management, relationship and communication skills, plus other academic and career development skills. See your Student Life or Student Services Offices for details.


Colorado Mountain College has three traditional libraries located on the residential campuses in Glenwood Springs - Spring Valley, Leadville and Steamboat Springs. There is also a Virtual Library, available at www.coloradomtn.edu/library.

The traditional libraries provide extensive collections of books, journals, magazines, maps, government documents, videos, audiobooks, music and course reserves. They also offer a variety of services, including research assistance and Interlibrary Loan service. Additional information about these libraries, including their hours of operation, can be found at www.coloradomtn.edu/library/.

The Virtual Library offers 24/7 access to a wide-ranging collection of online resources and services. You can conduct in-depth research, browse through a favorite magazine or read a book, all in the comfort of your home. The Virtual Library provides a variety of online services such as e-mail reference, research assistance, Interlibrary Loan service and research tutorials.

If you are interested in learning more about library services and resources or are seeking to become more proficient in online information retrieval, contact a librarian.

Contact Information:

Edwards Campus Library: 970-569-2926
Glenwood Springs, Spring Valley Campus - Quigley Library: 970-947-8271
Leadville Campus Library: 719-486-4249
Steamboat Springs Campus Library: 970-870-4445
Virtual Library: 970-569-2926 or reference@coloradomtn.edu

Learning Labs & Computer Labs

Colorado Mountain College locations have other resources and staff to assist students with their educational needs. Computer Labs provide access for students and community residents to online resources and educational computing needs. A number of sites also have Alpine Bank Learning Labs or Learning Resource Centers with staff and resources to assist with free tutoring services, individual assistance, self-help materials and videos, equipment for special learning needs, and interactive computerized tutoring. Contact your local site for specific locations and hours of access.


Bookstores at various CMC locations and additional online systems are available to obtain instructional texts and other course materials. A selection of quality CMC recreation wear (T-shirts, caps, etc.), student supplies, textbooks, and other classroom supplies may also be purchased.

All returns must be accompanied by a cash register receipt (no exceptions). For a full refund, books must be in the original packaging (shrink-wrapped applicable), the price tag must still be attached and the book must show no signs of wear, including bent corners. To get a full refund, books must be returned prior to the published course refund date printed in the course schedule. The bookstore will offer a buy back period on selected used books during the last week of each semester.

Student Government & Organizations

The college recognizes clubs and organizations through the Student Government Association. One of the easiest ways for students to expand their educational experience is to join one or more of the established clubs or organizations or to start one of their own. Clubs and organizations offer opportunities for students to take leadership positions and become involved in the college community. They also provide educational, social, and recreational experiences that enrich the students’ lives. Club officers gain leadership skills that have tremendous value in their professional lives after graduation. Clubs also provide students with a sense of belonging and the pleasure of spending time with people who have similar interests.

The Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Activities Office sponsor a Clubs and Organizations Fair at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. At this event, students are introduced to the various clubs and organizations, meet representative members and learn about the purpose, goals and activities of each group.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is comprised of representatives of the residence hall students who assist the residence hall staff in evaluating policies and procedures with regard to residence hall living. They also plan or coordinate residence hall functions and activities.


Most campuses do not have on-campus health services or facilities. Particular sites may provide basic physical or psychological health services on a limited basis. The Student Services staff can refer students to appropriate medical personnel and assist in arranging medical appointments. Student Services staff can also help contact your instructors if you are ill or contending with an emergency.

Recreational Sports

Colorado Mountain College offers some intramural activities and/or club sports for its students. These activities include soccer, volleyball, basketball and flag football. In addition to organized intramural sports, you will find some of the greatest skiing, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking in the world in your own backyard!

Alpine Ski Team

Students are encouraged to try out for the Colorado Mountain College Alpine Ski Team. The Ski Team competes successfully with major colleges and universities in the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association division of the United States Ski Association (USSA). The Alpine team trains primarily in Steamboat Springs at the Steamboat Resort and Howelsen Hill training facilities. Contact the Admissions Office at the Steamboat Springs campus for more information about the ski program.

Service Learning

Colorado Mountain College supports and encourages students to get involved in their community and in community service as part of their education.

Experiential education through community service is reciprocally beneficial for both the community and students. For many community organizations, students augment service delivery, meet crucial human needs and provide a basis for future citizen support. For students, community service is an opportunity to enrich and apply classroom knowledge; explore careers or majors; develop civic and cultural literacy; improve citizenship; leadership and occupational skills; enhance personal growth and self-image; develop job skills; and most of all, foster in students a concern for public and human service and involvement. Most student clubs and organizations and some courses provide community service or service learning opportunities for members. Contact your Student Services Office for further details.