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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy Certificate

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The Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA) includes the basic training and certification required for employment as a law enforcement officer in the state of Colorado. This program covers procedures, investigation techniques, laws and technical skills.

Colorado Mountain College will not accept LEA 1006 , LEA 1007 , or LEA 1008  in transfer, and also will not accept challenge for these courses. To enroll in these courses you must be admitted to the Colorado Mountain College Academy, or be currently employed as a police officer in the state of Colorado, or have permission of the Academy Director. Students are responsible for all associated costs some of which are: CBI background check, and POST certification.

This program is academically challenging and requires an additional application process with an interview.

No person who has been convicted of a felony OR certain misdemeanor offenses may be certified to serve as a peace officer or reserve peace officer in the state of Colorado.

Academy applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to determine their eligibility for certification prior to enrolling in this training program.

Graduates of the program will receive a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA).

CLETA training is offered at Colorado Mountain College in Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs and Breckenridge. CLETA is a POST-approved training academy.

For federal student aid purposes, this program is defined as 37 credit hours, 15 weeks of instruction and is financial aid eligible.

This program has a fee that may be non-refundable. Please see the registration staff for more information.

Learn more about the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy

Minimum Hours Required

Minimum Credit Hours Required (37)
Minimum Contact Hours Required (615)


We strongly recommend that you have a current First Aid and infant/child CPR certification at the time of graduation. The following course is recommended:


State Guaranteed Transfer Course

Applies to CMC AA/AS/AGS Degrees

Not all programs/courses are available at every campus and may require travel to another campus or access via technology-enabled learning (video-conferencing, hybrid, or online).


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